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Why perfecting your preventative maintenance for bearings is a must?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

At Polar Star Engineering Services, we focus on helping customers get the best out of their bearings and machinery. Nobody likes unplanned downtime, outages, or machinery sitting idle as this cost’s money. Like many other wear-parts bearings do not last forever however, if properly maintained will run for their expected life allowing your machinery, vehicles, and equipment to operate effectively for long periods. Therefore, we encourage all our customers to check their maintenance schedule and ensure bearings and lubrication are high on the list, helping maintain smooth production runs and the overall efficiency of your plant.

Preventative maintenance for bearings

Preventative maintenance is, by definition "maintenance that can be performed economically to prevent equipment breakdowns before they occur, shifting the greater portion of maintenance work to a planned basis." Through perfecting your preventative maintenance for bearings, plant-operators & end-users can:

  • Reduce costly repairs

  • Reduce frequent replacements

  • Prevent waste (i.e. parts, grease, man power & time)

  • Eliminate machine downtime

  • Enhance safety

  • Improve total cost of ownership

Ineffective lubrication is attributed to 55% of premature bearing failures.

Many facilities continue to use manual greasing as a cost-effective solution however, as research by manufacturers has shown and our team has found at numerous plants across the UAE, this can be a root cause of many bearing issues. Re-lubrication is scheduled when machines are at a standstill which often occurs overnight, and so lubrication points are missed, outstanding issues go unseen, and too much (or too little) grease is administered. Also, poorly cleaned lube points allow contamination (powder, dust, & dirt) into the bearing. Over greased bearings results in significant grease waste, blown seals and overheating. Causing ineffective bearings operation. These are a few of the underlying reasons why we have partnered with #NTNbearings & #DropsAlubrication, to provide customers with the most effective and efficient solutions, to support customers in reducing waste, improving maintenance costs and limiting unplanned downtime.

Top tips for maintaining rolling bearings or ball bearings

  • Ensure your maintenance team have basic bearing knowledge

  • Use the right bearing type for your application and operating environment - and sized to match your application

  • Inspect bearings on a regular basis - helping identify issues early

  • Regular planned maintenance - replace bearings on schedule

  • Ensure your bearings are properly lubricated - know the correct amount of lubrication

  • Use the right lubrication for your bearings and operating environment

Properly selected bearings and lubrication will help ensure long and predictable life, reducing the risks of premature bearing failures and unplanned downtime.

We can help identify which bearings should be installed in your applications and the lubrication it requires to work at optimum levels. Talk to us at about why perfecting your preventative maintenance for bearings is a must, send us an email at: or call us on +971 4 580 9213.


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