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Find your Bearings, choose the right bearings for your application

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

With Polar Star Engineering Services you can be sure we are selecting the "right" bearings for your applications. We navigate you through the challenging options and ensure we deliver only the best fit solutions that will give you reliability, performance, and cost savings.

Navigating the challenges of industry

To "Find your Bearings" and choose the right bearings for your application, we make sure to ask questions and know exactly where the bearing will be operating. We won't leave the bearing selection to you & we won't overwhelm you with too many bearing types - we advise and select the right bearing(s) to fit your requirements. Through on-site audits and operational assessments, we can determine why your bearings are failing and offer the best local bearing solutions to reduce unplanned production shutdowns, increase maintenance intervals and improve your total cost of ownership.

Bearing failures, such as those pictured below, shouldn't be a common occurrence. If your bearings are failing repeatedly, or you are having to replace bearings frequently then its time to swap supplier. Sales people that sell based on cost may convince you in the short term but the long term damage caused to machines and surrounding equipment can be catastrophic and impact on your overall productivity & competitive advantage.

Plant operators know that constant unplanned stoppages, production stand still & downtime can amount to 000,000's of Dhs in lost production costs. Buying the right bearing will help improve output and increase your competitive advantage. Discover how we helped a customer replace competitor bearings that were being replaced every 2 weeks because they didn't meet the machine requirements.

Our team of experts can help add value at every stage of your production where bearings and lubrication are needed, by ensuring that you are using the right bearings for your applications.

Take a look at the cost savings that NTN bearings have afforded plant operators worldwide, and see for yourself why choosing bearings that have been developed specifically for your industry, application and machinery is always the right choice! With NTN bearings & Polar Star Engineering Services, our knowledge, experience and range will make frequent failures a thing of the past.


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