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Avoid the hidden costs of buying from low priced dealers - buy on value & service not price

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Beware of sales people and bearing traders who sell based only on price. Price doesn't equal value and there are many hidden problems and costs associated with buying based on cheap price offers.

Plant Operators need to make informed purchasing decision based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - TCO is a well-established calculation that, in today’s economic climate, is more significant than ever before for manufacturers and end-users. Purchasers should assess the whole value of a component or solution, not just its price label, weighing up its initial purchase cost versus its overall running and lifecycle cost. When vendors are selling at lower than market levels Purchasers should be cautious, as these products may impact on and actually increase your TCO.

The bearings pictured below were not fit for purpose & detrimentally affected End-Users TCO, by stopping production, causing unscheduled maintenance and causing further avoidable damage to machine & parts.

Helping customers avoid the hidden costs of low priced dealers

At Polar Star Engineering Services, our team have years of industry and application experience, we understand bearings & how they should operate in your applications. We help customers' avoid the hidden costs of buying from low priced dealers and buy on value & service, not price. When a C4 bearing is recommended, we will never sell you a C3 or C0 clearance just because we have excess stock. Many purchasers and engineers assume the clearance is a minor detail, however in critical applications the characteristics of these bearings are not the same and under tough operating conditions are not interchangeable. They will not perform as expected and could create more issues than the problem it is purchased to resolve.

In critical applications, bearing & application knowledge is key to helping customers overcome problems. We add value to your production process, with our industry know-how and products, we solve problems and help protect your investments.

Roller bearing or ball bearing failures, such as those pictured above, shouldn't be a common occurrence. Buying from suppliers who offer to continually reduce prices means you may actually be buying the wrong bearings for your application. Bearings have a 27 digit reference for a reason, these references all have significance on how the bearings acts and behaves under certain conditions. Bearings often look the same but their design and internal specifications are not. If your bearings are failing repeatedly, or you are having to replace bearings frequently then its time to seek advice. Sales people that sell based on price alone may convince you in the short term but in the mid-long term the damage caused to machines and surrounding equipment can be catastrophic and impact your overall productivity & drastically affect your competitive advantage.

Reduce downtime & costs by improving bearing performance

We understand that Plant Operators need to minimise downtime and reduce costs, and salespeople who sell low-priced bearings create a false economy. Your bearing budget may be lower month on month but the overall costs of your bearings can cause spiralling maintenance costs, cause frequent production stoppages, and cause damage to surrounding machinery that far outweighs the cheaper bearing prices.

Plant Operators key ongoing cost inputs include:

  • Life cycle (quality, durability, maintainability versus price)

  • Maintenance repair and operations (service process)

  • Service components (current and future component piece price)

  • Quality (defects, repairs, rework, warranties)

  • Reverse logistics (returns)

  • Sustainability (recycling, recovery of materials)

  • Reputation (customer loyalty versus lost customers

Buying the right product with associated services will ensure that your TCO is minimised.

Through on-site audits and operational assessments, we can determine why your bearings are failing and offer the best bearing solutions to reduce production shutdowns, increase maintenance intervals and contribute to improving your overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Understand the risks that low-price salespeople pose to your operations, and always ensure you buy the right bearing and parts.


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