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Authorised NTN Bearing Suppliers - Find your Bearings

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Authorised by NTN-SNR, we supply aftermarket replacement bearings, maintenance parts & engineering support for industry, plant operators & fleet managers.

Our Company Values

Our goal is to be the customers' preferred MRO supplier by delivering high-quality bearings in Dubai and across the UAE. Combining our engineering capabilities, aftermarket expertise, product & application knowledge and partnering with the worlds leading suppliers, we provide plant operators with the best-fit solutions for extreme applications.

We understand that plant operators and equipment users need to rely on their machines to work unhindered, sometimes 24/7 and often in inaccessible locations. Poorly selected, fitted & maintained bearings, spares & replacement parts can cause a weak link in your operational chain.

Bearings Selection

With over 150,000 bearing numbers worldwide, choosing the correct bearing for your application can be difficult. Polar Star Engineering Services can help. With our extensive industry and aftermarket knowledge, we can audit your plant and applications, ensuring that the correct replacements are selected to meet the operating and environmental conditions and deliver improved cost savings.

Poor bearing selection is attributed to over 20% of all premature bearing failures. Roller bearings or ball bearings, and components produced by NTN-SNR, one of the worlds leading bearing manufacturers for heavy-duty bearings, are specifically designed and rigorously tested to overcome and work through these conditions. To attain the service life expectancy from your bearings and parts plant operators must ensure the correct parts are installed and correctly maintained.

To select the correct bearings for your application, the following requirements & machine considerations should be understood: installation space, axial or radial load requirements, rotational speed & misalignment, machinery rigidity & precision required, vibration or impact loads encountered, and any specific environmental or operational conditions.

  1. On-site assessments & audits

  2. Wide selection of bearings, lubrication systems, tools & industrial spare parts

  3. Engineering, application and aftermarket expertise

  4. Reliable, high performance bearings & best practice solutions

  5. Cost savings & increased maintenance intervals

  6. Customer support from global suppliers

NTN-SNR bearings help protect against external contamination, providing better grease retention and a longer bearing lifetime. Supporting your maintenance teams, we ensure bearings do not become the weakest link.

As your local, Dubai & UAE authorised NTN bearing suppliers, contact us today & discover how a new generation of distribution can help your operations.


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