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Lubrication Solutions & Greases

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With a range of superior industrial greases & lubrication solutions for specific applications, working conditions and environments, we can support customers and guarantee the useful life of bearings and optimisation of costs. NTN-SNR greases come in various different forms from high water resistance, high pressure, and high temperature to high speed. From basic lithium greases right through to the latest heavy-duty grease technology. Together with the DropsA lubrication systems and pump technology our team will help you find the best lubrication solution for your particular application. 


Polar Star Engineering Services has also been working with NTN-SNR to provide a wide range of single and multi-point grease lubricators to customers across a range of different industries. Manufactured for high performance, these NTN-SNR lubricators improve the service life for bearings and components, even in extreme environments. Manually lubricated bearings are always at risk of being either over or under-lubricated. Regular lubrication with an automated lubricator ensures that the bearings receive the right amount of lubrication, day in and day out. Streamlining plant and factory operations, and saving maintenance teams time and money.

Talk to us about your specific requirements, and through our own engineering capabilities and strong relationship with our partners NTN & DropsA, we will find solutions to suit your specific needs.

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